February 12, 2007

The Notebook

NOT THE MOVIE...today i went over my friend, melissa's house, to see her crafty notebooks. her mother dressed up some notebooks and titled them...the funny things talmage says. they were so stinkin' cute that i had to try it. i tried to keep it under $5 so we could do it as a scrapbook focus group project. and i succeeded! the most expensive thing was the notebook at $2.80. but the 12x12 paper can be divided by 3 people...the eyelets are 10cents each, the ribbon was 2 boult for $3, and the mod podge...well that goes a long way. so i think i can definitely make it for $5. anyway...i titled mine...the funny things FORD says. he doesn't talk a lot right now but when he does i'm sure i'll get a kick out of it. i am excited to do one for a girl. i want it to be really girly. lots of pinks and flowers. that one will be harder to keep under $5 because there are so many cute embellishments i could use. but i really like my frog notebook. and it took about 15 min. to make. i love it! i want to find a stamp for each page...the same stamp. like a frog stamp or dragonfly...something boy!


nettifer said...

Ok love the book! Isn't Melissa's so dang cute. I am glad that you went over there. I told her we would like her help on ideas. When are we going to do this one? I can't wait to make one for M!

Miles and Bex said...

You have to keep posting all of your cute ideas when I move to Alaska, so I can copy them. I love the cherish thing. That is great.