February 26, 2007

My Last 2 Year Old


it's a little wierd to think that f is just turned 2. only because he's been in the terrible 2 stage for awhile now and i just can't bear the thought of what he might do now! i am so not prepared.

f wanted corndogs for his bday dinner but b hates corndogs so i asked f if there was something else he would like to eat. he said, 'donalds'. i told him we couldn't get mcdonalds on sunday. so i offered pizza. and he agreed. so we celebrated with pizza, bread sticks, and salad for dinner and...

a madagascar cake for dessert. f loves madagascar so he really liked his cake! it was so yummy!

f got a lot of fun presents but the one we were really excited for was his very first bike!

we hid it for the week at lynette's house and picked it up on sunday after church. and after he had opened all his presents we brought out the bike! he loves it. so does m. his helmet is so adorable and it's a toddler size but it's too small. darn it. but he wore it and he was so cute.

we love our little 2 year old! he's so fun. all day he kept asking, 'my birday, mom?' i just love that he is finally catching on to the word thing. happy bday f!


ishybeanie said...

Happy Birday Ford!!!

nettifer said...

He is such a stinking cute kid! I am so glad that he had a fun birthday and loved his bike! You guys rock as parents! I love the picture of him putting his two fingers up- adorable!

Missy said...

He is so cute. I thought it was Adam with the helmet on.

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Ford! He is so cute. Good job on the helmet, I gotta get my kids helmets I always forgot when I bought the bikes!

Miles and Bex said...

Kids grow up so fast!!! It has been fun watching him grow up.