March 09, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

well i don't know why that is so surprising. i am go go go it seems. this week was fun and long. so happy it's friday. i've been working on file folders and hopefully i can get at least 5 totally done this week. we'll see. on tuesday i helped lynette with a craft night at church. it was so fun to see everyone excited to get together and craft. we have so many talented women in our ward...and i think they don't realize it.

side bar: sunday was testimony meeting at church and as i listened to some of the women in our ward bear their testimonies....i thought to myself....they are my tender mercies. because when they share what they are learning or what they have learned with other it builds my up and edifies me. i gain so much quite strength from these incredible women. i am so lucky and grateful to be a part of this.

after picking up the kids from school i started sanding the wood for craft night. i could only do 10 at a time. there were so many and it was kind of cold outside. i also started spray painting the s family room shelve. i was freaking out tuesday night because the calendar that i ordered for melynda's baby shower had not come yet and it was wednesday night. after craft night i went to my mail box and there it was! boy was i happy. wednesday i spent most of the morning tying ribbon on it and using the leftover sticks to embellish it a bit more. it was so cute. i tried to stick with a monkey theme. i also made her a funny monkey notebook that she can journal in for her new little one. i really enjoyed making this one.

thursday b stayed home because he was sick. fever, cough...i made him meals he never ate, asked if i could get anything for him but he said no...while watching smallville without me. thanks. just a bit jealous of his sick day off. my mother in law took the kids early in the morning and i tried frantically to finish my file folders so i could take them to get laminated. i got 14 of them ready but by the time i was done it was time to head to the school to volunteer. so right after i went straight to laminte and buy spray paint for the family room shelves. after that i came home to chat with my mother in law then it was off the pick the kids up from school. b was trying to rest so i decided to take the kids to joann's to get velcro for my file folders and while we were there, a picked out some star wars fabric for his piano bag i've been meaning to make him. for a year now. he was happy. we came home and i had the kids practice their recital pieces for that night. i ran over to lynette's to drop off my cards because i wouldn't be at card swap due to the kids piano recital. i played with a and he did a great job. i am so proud of him and k for all the progress they have made. then i came home to see that ga was another rerun... i was a little miffed. so i went to lynette's to get my cards and some women were still there so i stayed to chat. i then came home 15 min. before leaving again for soccer.

that was one long day.

now friday is here and i can relax and just do laundry until after the kids get home. then it's off to piano lessons and violin lessons. i still have to buy a gift for em, cause we're celebrating it on sunday. i really am starting to hate birthdays in feb. and march. no offense to those of you who have one in either of these months. i have 2 kids born in feb. but the cost of gifts really adds up quickly. my budget and time and energy are shot. i am excited for m's friend, taegan though. my mom was born on march 17th so it will remind me of her.

better go. i hear a little dustin baby crying.


Kaden said...

Oh what kind of life would it be without being busy. I think you thrive on it. I wish I could stay busy out here, at least we have baseball now to keep me occupied. No body is crafty here and I can't hardly stand it any more. So thank you for all your crafty ideas and pictures. I miss all you guys.

ishybeanie said...

that last comment was from me, sorry for the confusion, the kids have their own e-mail accounts now and i forget to log out of them.

Missy said...

I love those go go go days...I know I will always get a goodnight sleep.

Miles and Bex said...

I hope you got Taegans invite yesterday. Also, I thought you might enjoy those comics from your great day you had when Brandon was sick.

nettifer said...

I love being busy. I eat less. I watch less TV. I feel more productive and like Missy - you sleep a lot better!
Way to get so much done!