February 12, 2007

Wooden Letters

oh how i love to do crafts! i don't have all that much time any more but when i find something that i absolutely LOVE i do it. and i absolutely loved this 'cherish' craft from heartland paper. and the best thing was...and the reason for the purchase...it came with the paper, paint, ribbon, tag, flowers, brads, wire, brushes, sand paper, everything! everything but the mod podge. it was worth it. there have been many times i've seen these letters decorated so cute but i have to purchase the paper and everything else. usually i can't find the paper or they are sold out of it. and everything else to make it. so with this one i was so happy that the mine would look just like the display model in the store. gotta love KITS! i do. and i love my finished project. just in time for valentine's day. YEAH!

1 comment:

nettifer said...

That is so adorable and I am jealous you got to do that craft Everytime i go in there. I want to make it but I never do! Darn it. I can just be jealous of yours!