March 10, 2007

Before and After

a before and after shot of my craft room!
well i finally got the grand idea to clean my craft room. and it was way over due. last night i was arranging the family room and getting the old furniture out and shelves back in and f decided that he wanted to look at my scrapbooks. so while he was looking i was organizing. after he had gone to bed i sat down on our new couches...i don't think i've actually sat on them before now. sad. anyway i picked up the album f was looking at and while flipping through 2005-2006 i noticed that there was a horrific jump! i had some pages from the beginning of the year...right up to m's birthday...then it skips to christmas! holy cow! i thought right then and there that i was not keeping good on my new year's resolution to scrapbook more. i am terrible. so i decided that i would do some today. but i'd have to clean my room before starting another project. i seem to have 5 going at the same time.



so now... my room is clean, one shelf is painted, old couches are gone (thanks mandi and kevin), furniture moved to where i want it in the family room. now...i have to mod podge the paper to the lids of my easter pails, finish putting velcro on file folders (what a nightmare), sew a's piano bag, find a present for em, call danielle to come over and help me decide how to decorate my craft room, and scrapbook at least ONE page today. i know i am missing something...oh yeah, start painting the 2nd shelf. gotta love projects and VERY CLEAN ROOMS!!!!!!!!!


ishybeanie said...

I love to organize, I should do it more often. I would love to have a craft room. All my stuff is still in a box it doesn't have a place in our new home (yet)I love the lighter blog it makes it easier to read.

nettifer said...

Way to clean your room. J & I cleaned out our garage on Friday and I love how it looks and feels when everything has a spot. Reading your blog made me tired because you do so much!
Danielle will totally hook you up with decorating. She is so freaking good!

Kristi said...

I am now exhausted from reading your blog! I don't know how you do it all, you are a super lady!! Hopefully it will inspire me to get going. PS Your room looks awesome!!