March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day

it is very sad when b is out of town...because instead of taking pics galore during the party...i have to run it. that sucks! but we did have a fabulous time. we had a bishopric breakfast for st. patrick's day!

audrey made yummy mint pancakes, amy brought golden scrambled eggs and green orange juice, mandi had the hash browns, lynette brought some delicious baked turkey bacon...i was pleasantly surprised at how good that was, carlynn brought piles of green grapes and melon, and i made the green french toast. we had lucky charms for the kids complete with green milk! everything was so tasty!

i loved that we all dressed in green for the special day...right down to the tiniest child. a had a green mohawk and all the kids got st. patrick's day tattoos from grandma sanchez. thanks, mom! they were such a hit. i wish i had pics to show you but i am sure that lynette will post a couple. so go to her blog. it's on my favorite blog list. nettie's blog. what a fun way to start the day! thanks to everyone who helped out!

now it's off to the bridal expo at thanksgiving point!

back from thanksgiving point and it was incredible. i was stunned at how many photographers were there and the lack of cake venders and dress venders. but no worries because em found her dress and it is simple beautiful! she is going to look stunning in it! rachel wants me to take all her pics but after looking at what pros do i am a little intimidated...okay a lot intimidated! i saw some pretty awesome photos. they were gorgeous. i kept thinking about what i have always said about my own daughters weddings...'i will go into debt for their dream dress and photos'. so i told rachel...i don't want em to feel like she has to have me just because i'm in the family. i mean i am definitely no professional next to some of those venders. maybe by the time k is ready to get married i will be but you should have seen some of those pictures. they were simple amazing. very inspiring.

we had a great time together and going to lunch. what a fun day.


ishybeanie said...

I am so jealous that you get to hang out with my sister. I miss her and all you guys of course.

nettifer said...

Loved breakfast at your house! Sorry we were so stinking late. I did take pics from the party. I read your blog and I didn't even post any- I thought you would. Duh we should talk more. :) I will post them so everyone can look at them. I thought because we were so late I missed all the picture taking. We had so much fun and so glad that you had a good time with the family.

Miles and Bex said...

Sounds like the breakfast was a lot of fun. Thanks for everything. Keep in touch!