March 28, 2007


so here is my organized pantry.

this is, sadly, the only place we have food so if you are thinking that's not quite a year would be right. it's no where close. hopefully when our shed is here we can move things from the basement into it and that will be our cold storage area. hopefully.

i love the labels, thanks lynette...
and found some plastic containers. i have to get more later but this is a start. i love my clipboard with my grocery list on it! so handy! there is one more think i am looking for. i need to find a mix packet pocket!

if anyone has any ideas of where i could get one please let me know. it doesn't necessarily have to look exactly like this...but this one is $2.99 but on backorder. i would love to get one this week. like yesterday. i keep telling myself to be patient.


Kristi said...

Love it!! I love the packet holder that is so handy! It looks great!

Anonymous said... have inspired me!! Or maybe I'll just let you come over and do OUR pantry next.

nettifer said...

Check you out miss orgainzed! I love how the lettering turned out and I love how clean it looks. I need to go buy me a clip board so I can make my grocery list. I love having creative friends!