March 27, 2007

Work At Home

this weekend b and i went to homedepot to buy paint for our family room. f made his permanent mark on the walls so we have to cover it up. so this weekend between conferences we will be painting, hopefully. we also got a ceiling fan and i had to laugh last night when he turned it on. i said i felt like i was in a hotel with the fan on.

we are anxiously awaiting our shed! b wants to clear out the garage and i want the toy room cleared out so we can finally use it for cold storage! i am so excited.

today i organized our pantry and ordered some lettering from lynette for my shelves. i am really excited about that.

i love spring and what it brings. spring cleaning! i love organizing everything that has been disorganized for a whole year.


Kristi said...

I want to see pics of the pantry and the lettering when you get it done, what a good, cute idea! I need to paint my living room, but convincing BJ is the trick, maybe I should let one of the kids get ahold of a marker!!

nettifer said...

Loved talking to you yesterday. You are so much fun!
Can't wait to see the new, big, custom shed :) You are the best wife and I hope those letters turned out. Take a pic so I can see them.