April 24, 2007


today we are watching the dustins boys while mandi and mckenzee go on a school field trip. i wasn't planning on doing anything but last night i promised m that we would go to target and find some sandals for church. so when the boys got here we loaded everyone in the car and off we went. well one stop became 3 or 4. we went to the bank to cash a check that's been on my fridge for a month, sorry che. then it was off to target for some sandals for the girls. we all tried on sunglasses and that was funny! then bought some cute sandals and we were outta there. since we were in centerville i thought i might as well go over to the to get me address on my license updated. i also added my maiden name so it matches all my other legal documents like my passport and ssc. so we did and the kids just ran around and cried here and there. i had to retake my photo and she asked if the photo would work. i took one look at it and said sure. it wasn't the best but i was not going to retake it with 4 kids wanting to leave already. the kids were hungry by this time and chaser was missing his mom. i told him we had one more stop to make and then we would get lunch at mcdonalds. he perked up and away we went. we made our last stop at the bountiful music store where m was fitted for her very first violin. it is the cutest thing i have ever seen. i love it. she is so excited to play the violin now. more than before.

m playing her 'twinkles'. MISSISSIPPI STOP STOP, HOP BUNNY HOP, and ELEVATOR OPERATOR. she is so stinkin cute!

then we hit mcdonalds and brought our lunch home to eat.

jacob slept the entire morning so when he woke up he was ready to eat and be changed. what a cutie. he has the most beautiful big blue eye's ever!
and he is such a easy baby. i love taking care of them. anyway...it is 1:25pm and i must say that this was a very productive day. and the kids were really good and helpful. i love these days.


ishybeanie said...

you are very brave to take all those kids to the DMV.

nettifer said...

Your day made me tired just reading it! I love M's violin, it made my heart sing! So stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

I actually love days like that too. I sleep better at night after I've been on the run all day. And my spirits are always better when I'm super busy...as long as kids behave well! You ARE brave to take four tiny kids out!

Heather Jones said...

I love the violin that is so fun for her I will ask her about it in class. I had to take my three to the dmv last week it was a nightmare. There was the longest wait and the girls kept wanting to look in the eye thing. They almost pulled it right off the counter. I was so ready to get them out of there.