April 24, 2007

Sleepers and Water

none of these have anything in common. yesterday while i was busy on the computer, there was silence. and all mother's know what that means. somewhere there is a child getting into no good! but this was not one of those times. surprizingly. this is what i found on my family room couch.

what a precious little boy. fast asleep.

he slept for an hour and a half. and it was only 10:15am. he must have been really tired or really bored. there were toys all over the floor so he must have played hard then concked (sp?) out. so cute.

i have gotten up to 5 1/2 bottles of water! i am so excited. i should be drinking 6 but i can't seem to get there. yesterday was the day and i was thrilled. today...not past one! sad. but i will keep trying. i have to drink lots before i hit the gym tonight. they say you should hydrate before working out not during. that's what i do. bad. but now i know.


Kristi said...

I love that kind of silence!! As for the water I never knew that either, and now I do too!

PS I love your craft blog!! You are so creative!

nettifer said...

Ford is so cute, I can not get enough of the hair!
I drink all my water in the morning at work, so I get paid to pee hahaha