April 21, 2007


i love going to costco. i develop all my photos there and michelle and i are on a first name basis. that tells you a lot about a person when you are on a first name basis with employees. love it. anyway...b and i went to costco with all the kids today. it was kind of fun. b and i don't go grocery shopping together because he doesn't stick to my list but i told him if he went he could LOOK at the flat panel screens. LOOK, DON'T TOUCH. let me tell you he was thrilled. not really. we didn't stick to the list but it was fun to go and shop with him. we ran into the smith's while we were there and thane was on an errand to get meatballs before valerie checked out. well he was looking for them until he ran into b and his searching ended. not because he found the meatballs but because he was chatting. well, we told him that they were so yummy and gave him ways to use them like making meatball subs! soo good! we haven't had them so i decided to get some. i ended up looking for them while the men chatted away and brought a bag back for thane. it was funny to see men chatting away like women. it's usually me who is stopped at the store chatting away like crazy but today it was just the opposite. we collected our things and were out of there. trading one of our children for one of the smith's children. now we have 3 girls and one boy. i love costco!


Miles and Bex said...

I love costco too! I can't wait for my next big trip there. I always feel at home when I am there. You should definetly let Brandon get the flat screen. I was way against them but now I wouldn't ever live without it. I love ours and it is so fun to watch.

ishybeanie said...

I asked Kevin what is the first thing you want to buy when you finish school, he wants a huge flat screen. Its a guy thing.

nettifer said...

You know my thoughts on Costco!