April 18, 2007

My Poor Tulips

i was so excited to have my tulips bloom this year! and then it snowed! what the crap! it's april and snowing. come on! i planted a ton and the ones in the very front were doing so well. but the ones behind the front lines weren't getting enough sun and i am afraid that they never will. during the summer my front yard is completely shaded...much to missy's dismay. but they look really nice half way bloomed...i am positive that they would have been just fine if it weren't for the snow. this fall i will just plant a zillion and one in the backyard. and by the crappy trees out front.

ps. check out my craft center link. i finished my curtains!


Kristi said...

Beautiful tulips. I hope they will make a come back!! I am so mad about the snow too, can it just get warm, please!!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! I planted a lot of stuff three weeks ago after DAYS of vigorous tilling and all that. And today...snow?? WHAT?! And it stinks that our house faces north because that poor front bed doesn't get any light at all. I've had a terrible time trying to find pretty plants that love shade only. I wish we had picked a south facing lot for more reasons than one!

nettifer said...

Don't even get me started on my tulips. I will say it - I am pissed! I have not one petal left because of that darn wind! I guess it is time for me to start planting my summer flowers!