April 08, 2007

Easter Egg Hunts

we started our saturday morning off early...with a pancake breakfast at the park. our ward pulled together a wonderfully delicious...or so i was told....breakfast. complete with egg casseroles, muffins, fruit, juice and milk, and pancakes hot off the grill. i couldn't believe how many families were there right at 8 am! it was amazing and so good to see.

after our yummy ward breakfast...we had photos with the easter bunny! there were so many kids that were terrified of the easter bunny. my own kids would not sit with him. then we had the easter egg hunt. it was crazy! every child was able to get 10 eggs. f didn't want to find eggs so he just watched all the other kids running around like crazy kids on sugar. it was so fun.

after lunch we took the kids to grandma creswell's house so they could decorate eggs with their cousins. it was really low key but they had fun. after what seemed like 5 hours we finally hid the eggs and let them go look for them.

f was more willing to look for eggs now so he searched and searched. he found lots of eggs and even random pieces of candy on the ground. he was really excited.

after gathering their eggs, the older kids helped the younger kids get the rest of theirs. then we all sat in the shade and relaxed and watched the kids dig into their easter buckets. they had a great time.


Kaden said...

sounds like you had a great time. I think easter is my favorite holiday. because you get toys and treats and they don't expect as much as they do at christmas, it is a little less stressful. and it means that it is almost summer.

Miles and Bex said...

Love all the pictures. Taegan was excited to see pictures of M. Glad you guys had a great Easter!

nettifer said...

The breakfast was a lot of fun! Way to put it together. I love dying easter eggs. The ones we did sucked and they stunk so bad! I am going to back to the good old fashion way!

Kristi said...

Easter is lots of fun. I love coloring eggs! Sounds like a fun ward breakfast and egg hunt, what a good idea!

Veronica said...

The ward breakfast was a roaring success. Great job pulling that off! You're girls looked so dang pretty at church on Sunday!

Heather Jones said...

I had to work sat. so we were so bumbed we did not get to go to the ward hunt. It sounds like it was a ton of fun. (Hopefully next year we can go) Ken's is so fun to have in my class she is always so sweet. Maybe we could get her and ky's together. What school are you putting her in next year?