April 10, 2007


well b's tuff shed came and he loves it. he has moved things in and is already planning to build shelves. when he walked inside he said he should've had a vent put in because it's gonna get really hot. but he is so excited to have it and to clear out the garage. as we were driving around on thursday running errands i was noticing all the sheds in people's backyards. this confirmed one thing to me...the houses here don't have storage space. very sad. i guess ulitmately that means that if you want storage space you have to live on the hill. in any event we have big plans for our shed and just love that it matches out house. perfect. now i can plant tulips around it in the fall! hurray.

we finally finished seasons 1-4 last night. i came home from working out with danielle last night and b was watching the season finale of 4. i was a little confused. what season is this i asked? he said 4. i didn't see that one. i don't know how i missed it. holy cow. i walked in when b was 20 min. into it so when it was over i started it at the beginning. that one was REALLY good. so now we are ready for season 5! i am SO EXCITED! i can't wait to see what happens.

okay so all my home projects and crafty things will be posted on another link. if you scroll down my side bar...under craft center, i think, i will post all my happenings in Let's Get Creative.


Jen said...

I am so jealous of your shed! We are putting our backyard in soon and Im hoping we have $ leftover so we can get one! I am ready to get addicted to Smallville, Danielle has been prepping me for it. I just need to get the first season from her. Hear it's pretty addicting. Your kidlets looked super cute sunday too!

nettifer said...

I love how husbands are so proud of their outdoor stuff! One day we will get a shed, or I will just keep throwing stuff away so I never have to have junk! You know how much I throw away.
You should hear what is going on with Smallville right now. Love it!

Miles and Bex said...

Love the shed. That is one thing we hated about our house, the storage space. Our new house came with a shed, a big garage, and tonz of storage in the basement. It still seems like we need more storage. Love the easter pictures. Kinda depressing you guys are all in shorts and t-shirts. We are still wearing winter clothes. We miss the heat!

Heather Jones said...

I bet he just loves the shed. Todd gets so sick of tripping over everything in our garage. Maybe one day we will get one. But tell then we just stuff it in!!!

Missy said...

You are starting a blog of just your crafts!!! I am so going to check it out. I love the shed, Allen wants to get one for under our deck, but I think our garage is big enough for all his junk...he just needs to organize it.