April 13, 2007


okay i have 6 1/2 weeks before our trip to aruba and this is where i will be spending most my time. at the gym.

we will be doing BODY PUMP and BODY COMBAT!

we have scheduled to go m-th, and sat. somedays we will go to classes and other nights we hit the cardio machines. i am so excited to have gb's that are as dedicated and excited to see the lbs. fall off. it's too bad they literally don't fall off...in chunks.
i hate working out by myself and jason c. hates that his wife is wasting $ on a membership she wasn't utilizing...so we came to a decision. nellie and i will work out together! and then lynette joined the gym! HURRAY! now we are fierce gb's.
we read the funniest sign 2 nights ago at the gym. i can't rememeber it word for word but we like to laugh at the gym. out loud. and the other night we were laughing and i mentioned that no one else in the entire gym was laughing...

the sign said...
please refrain from any loud laughter while working out.
it is distracting to those around you.

we laughed at that. and kept laughing because honestly we don't LIKE to workout but since we HAVE to
...we might as well enjoy ourselves while we're there.


ishybeanie said...

how fun that you are going to aruba. good luck at the gym.

Anonymous said...

Hey when do ya'll go to the CP class? Is tha the one that costs extra $? I have a membership that has sadly gone to waste since I got pregnant and I have about 40 hours of child care that expires in three months. So let me know when ya'll go and you can maybe count me in as another gb!

nettifer said...

This morning class kicked some serious butt! I can't wait to work out again! WE ROCK AS GB's!!!!