April 11, 2007

Spring Photos

i love updating my kids pics every year.

so here they are.

i just loved how they turned out. they would have been better if i had ironed the sheet but i don't care. i couldn't believe how many shots m was letting me take of her. i think i got at least 25! my little flower!
i just love the ones with just girls or just boys. they are so precious.

f was so good to smile and say cheese but only if i gave him jelly beans first. thanks buddy! i am so happy with them and uploaded them and ordered them from costco before my computer shuts down again.

*if you know of any computer specialists who could take a look at my computer please send them my way.


Heather Jones said...

Very cute pictures I still need to get my kids Easter ones taken. I wish I was good a photaghraphy like you and nettie. I would love to have a good camara and take pictures myself.

Anonymous said...

Uuuummm, do you see what finger F is sticking up at you?? I laughed so hard. Funny and harmless. These pictures are so cute and I love the boys ties! Cody told me on Sunday that if M always has such beautiful curly blonde hair and those big brown eyse that B will REALLY need to have a shot gun.

nettifer said...

Love Love Love them! You did a good job. I can show you away to make the sheet not even look like a sheet! I love the pictures of the kids coupled together!
Love you!

Maren said...

Wow, those are great! I love all of them! I want to do the same thing someday....

Anonymous said...

okay..so somebody forgot to allow their craft blog to accept anonymous posts..thanks a lot. :) Love your crafts...stop it...seriously...you're making us all look bad. Missed you at card class and the gym, but you gotta have priorities--Having fun watching Smallville?