May 22, 2007


i love going to a's baseball games. they are so relaxing. i love sitting in the sun cheering on all the boys. if a could learn to shut out all the parents telling him how they think he should be holding the bat...he would do great. not that he's doing bad but it really gets overwhelming when he's trying to concentrate on the ball and 3 male parents are yelling at him. i can't even help him because he probably wouldn't hear me. just leave him alone and let him have fun. i hope he does tonight. he enjoys it so much better.
today was k's field trip to red butte gardens. we took a 2 mile hike into the hills and it was cold. interesting but cold. we saw ducks, ants, and birds. we even saw a bride. that was fun. and the flowers were gorgeous. i wish we could have stayed longer and seen the actual gardens but no such luck. this was a nature field trip. we went to a nearby park for lunch but because of the cold we ate on the bus. then it was off to our final destination. mrs. cavanaugh's chocolate factory. so fun. we had lots of free samples. yummy. it was a fun day full of pictures and yummy treats. gotta love these days. i'll post pics later.

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ishybeanie said...

how empty would life be without kids.