May 22, 2007

house hunting

how depressing and frustrating! i couldn't believe it! the houses were all over priced and the market is going down hill. maybe they should lower their prices a bit... we looked at a house that was 2200sq. ft and the asking price was $491,000. we looked at one that was an existing home at 1700 sq ft and the asking price was $336,000. seriously it's no wonder their market sucks in nevada. i couldn't believe it. i was so upset by the end of the night, saturday, that i cried all the way to tahoe. if we are suppose to be there...and b has his orders so there's really no question...things will work out. we have 2 showings of our house tonight. this will be the 3rd time back for one couple.


Kristi said...

I'm sorry, but like you said it will work out!! Good luck!!

ishybeanie said...

it is so hard to not get overwhelmed. expecially with all the emotions. good and bad.

Heather Jones said...

And we thought houses here were expensive!!! I had heard houses were worse out of Utah I am glad we aren't going anywhere good luck!!