May 14, 2007

might as well hear it from me

We're Moving.

wow...i could just say that and be done with it. but i know how everyone loves a good story...or a sad story...or whatever kind of story.

b had turned down 3 jobs since we've been here. Vegas, Palm Springs, and Tahoe. the timing just wasn't right and in all honesty i think the lord needed us here for a time. we feel that time is up and it is time to move on. last friday, b accepted a job in Tahoe...the same one he turned down 3 months ago. he said 3 months ago he felt a strong impression to decline. now he feels that he can take the position and feels good about a move.

i have to take a moment and say that this 'utah experience' has been such a blessing for our family. 3 years ago i didn't even know if our family would still be together. it has been a miracle of heavenly father proportion that we had the opportunity to move here...our testimonies have been strengthen by our friends and the callings that we have held. i can't express enough how much the lord loves each one of us. he knows when we are struggling... he knows when satan has a grasp on us... and he is just waiting for us to call out to him for help. we called... and he answered. we are all indebted to our father in heaven...but it's times like these when you reflect on certain times in your life that you really feel the debt but also the amount of love he has for us. for me. i pray that our testimonies will stay as strong as they are today wherever the lord takes us. i have to thank all of you who read and don't read have been such wonderful examples for us to follow.

well the good news or bad news however you want to look at our move...we won't be moving till the end of july. so we will be around for a couple more months. moving is always bitter sweet for me. i grew up moving, as did b, but i worry about our kids. as they grow older i want them to have good friends to have sleepovers with and hang out after school. i didn't have close friends because we moved so many times but i desire better experiences for my kids. i know they will adjust wherever we go...and as long as we are together...but it still bothers me. i am a mom. i worry about my kids. that's my job.

anyhow...we will probably be living in a SMALL town called dayton which is about 50 min northeast of lake tahoe. population 6,000. they have a smiths grocery store...and that's about it. but carson city is only 15 miles away and living in dayton will hopefully save us on gas and extra spending. hopefully. i looked up things to do in dayton and they have lots of festivals and parades...they even had a craft fair at the local high school before school starts to raise money for something. every year. there are lots of historical sites in and around dayton so i have been inspire by kim to check them all out. i won't have anything else to do so we will make it an adventure.

since dayton is so small, b found a new golf course to live on. and seriously i couldn't believe the prices. the house b really wants is called the 'palmer' but it's way to big and much too pricey. plus it's right on the golf course and i don't want to be replacing my window everytime a golf ball comes flying my way. so we might build this's called the magellan.

b flies out for task force this weekend and i am hoping that marriott will have all the papers processed so i can go out with him to look at houses. the only problem with building, as we all know, is that it take a minimum of 6 months. so where to live for the time being...we haven't figured that one out yet. i am hoping they will have a couple of spec. homes that we can choose from. but i am not holding my breath. b says because it's such a new community they don't have a ton of specs.

but anyway. i just wanted to share my news.


Veronica said...

Oh my gosh!! How exciting, scary, and sad all at once. How do home prices compare to here? We are going to miss you, but you'll have to keep up your blog and keep inspiring me with all your creativity (even if it is stolen and copied :) What a bummer! Just as you get your house looking and feeling like home!

Missy said...

WHAT!!!!???? I just talked to you on the phone and you didn't say anything! I probably would've cried! Who will be my best friend on Longleaf? You are such a great neighbor and my kids have loved playing with yours. I always knew you would probably move, but I didn't want to believe it would be so soon.

ishybeanie said...

look what i started, j/k. i can't believe it. lake tahoe is so beautiful. good luck with everything your family will be missed. your better keep up your blog, other than phone calls it is the only thing that makes my time here not so lonely.

Miles and Bex said...

I am so excited for you guys. Moving has seriously been one of the worst but best experience for our family. I was way worried about the kids too! But they did awesome. I am in a small town too and the people are so freakin nice here. SO you will love it. I am excited to see your new house. Good luck with the move. You will have to blog a ton. The blog thing really helps pass time and keep in touch with friends.

Kristi said...

Oh my gosh!! How fun/scary/sad. It sounds like the right time and what an experience you will have. We didn't move that far, but it has been such a blessing for my family! Good luck! Keep up the blog I so enjoy reading about all you do and seeing all your awesome crafts!Can't wait to see the new house!

Jen said...

I don't know what to say. But im sure you will love your new house, neighbors, etc. But like everyone else said keep up on your blog so we can all keep in touch!

Heather Jones said...

Boy everyone is moving around here it is so crazy. I have always lived in Davis County so I would have a hard time leaving. That is so exciting for you guys I have always wanted to go there I hear it is beautiful.Good luck with the house hunting.

nettifer said...

Joey had mentioned something and I got a sick feeling in my belly. I was waiting for you to say something and then when I pulled up yesterday from being gone I saw the sign and it is true! I don't know how to feel about this! At least we can fly down and play! We need to talk!