May 16, 2007

end of year dvd

well i am finished. the dvd for my kids school is complete. now i just have to wait for all the orders to come in and we can mass produce. i am rather happy about the outcome. i enjoy making these memory discs but the fun part is putting it to music. i honestly think music says so much more than words. we should all live a life of music. i can see it now...all of us greeting each other in song. i'd sing...good mornin', good moornin'...from singin in the rain. love it. now i can go to sleep at a reasonable hour and pay more attention to my kids. i can't wait for summer to get here. then i can sleep in and go to raging waters. love it.


ishybeanie said...

staci, i am going to make an end of season dvd for my kids baseball, i have never done it before. what program did you use?

ishybeanie said...

thank you i will check it out.