June 04, 2007

Day 3

today we went into downtown. shopping! i really didn't want to shop this early on our trip but b wanted to get it out of the way. he's a man and hates shopping. so anyway...we took a taxi into the downtown shopping area.

here the buildings are all different colors and very busy. we were dropped off at the rennissance hotel and mall which overlooks the ocean. with fishing boats, house boats, sail boat, and monster tour boats. it was fun.

we shopped in the marketplace where the locals sell things of the island, t-shirts, jewelery, instruments, and so forth. i loved it all. we stopped for lunch at Iguana Joe's. i had a monster burger with fries and a diet coke. it was so yummy. i can't remember what b had but it was probably something with red meat. he liked all the food on the island.

after lunch we went to the local movie theatre to see pirates of the caribbean. loved it. you know how when you go to the movies and they start at the said time and then you sit through about 15 min. of previews...well we just sat...there was maybe one preview. weird. but loved the movie. b said we'll have to see it again to catch all the dialogue. the ending was not what i wanted but i rarely get the ending i want in movies.

after the movie we returned to our hotel for dinner and bed.

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