June 04, 2007

Day 4

we were going scuba diving this afternoon and were excited but also a little nervous. in the morning we made a run to the grocery store for some much needed snack food and daily meals. after a relaxing morning we were ready for our dive. we had a short lesson in the marriott pool and then it was off to the boat. our scuba excursion started at 1:30pm and ended at about 5:30pm. the actual dive was 30 min. long. there was a LOT of waiting around for crew members and such. there is definitely an aruba standard time...1/2 hour after when they say. mormon standard time is nothing compared to these people. they have all the time in the world.

it took me awhile to adjust to breathing underwater. i had to resurface and regain my composure before repeating over and over in my head to breath in and out of your mouth. stay calm. equalize. breath in and out of your mouth. this was a huge task but once i finally got it i could enjoy the fish. b had no problem. we saw many beautiful fish...lots of schools...and NO sharks. hurray. i was a little worried. it was fun to see big fish eating little fish. i tried to touch some fish them but they were too fast for me. it was really a neat experience.

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