June 30, 2007

i love to see the temple

as i was viewing all our friend's blogs...i clicked on veronica's and this picture of the SLC temple appeared. f started singing, with his hands forming the temple, 'i love to see the temple...' so cute. he loves singing time in nursery. that makes me so happy. what a cutie.

on the home front...we have another open house today. i am praying hard that the perfect couple/family finds it. the baron's put their house up for sale and maybe that will bring more people by. b and i have put our house hunting in nevada on hold since we really can't do anything until our sells. we are trying to be patient and not stress. it will all work out.

we are excited to go to raging waters later today and see our little friend, m, dance in her recital. then it's swimming for a while. b comes home tomorrow. he's been gone for 2 weeks with only 2 days of seeing us in between. i worry that since he's under a lot of stress and pressure at work that when he comes home he won't be able to really relax. of course he won't because for the 2 days after he comes home it's back to park city for more work. i don't know how my sweet husband does it. it's a good thing he doesn't have hair or it would be falling out. i love him.


nettifer said...

Rage was a lot of fun today! Don't worry your house will sell!

Veronica said...

I'm so sorry that you're not having luck selling your house. Maybe it's just waiting for that perfect family to move in! We need some more great people moving in because all of our good ones seems to be leaving us. BTW that was so cute about F singing the song. Kids are so sweet that way.

Heather Jones said...

Ken's also loves to sing the nursery songs it is her favorite part of church. I hope a cute fam with a girl kylie's age buys your house but, that is probably wishful thinking!!! Thanks again for watching Jordan for me at Rageing Waters so we could go on the tubes!!!!Good luck with the house

Miles and Bex said...

I can not believe the Barons are moving too! Everyone is moving. Your house will definetly sell. You did so much to it and it looks great. Ford is cutie!