July 08, 2007

4th of july weekend

i hope you all had a great independence day...weekend! we had a great time with the woodruffs at the idaho cabin. we got to brigham city when b turned to me and asked if i grabbed the cabin keys from the kitchen drawer. i said, no. he hadn't either apparently. oh boy! so i told him to call his brother, who just moved to idaho and was staying with his in laws in caldwell, if we could borrow his keys. thanks dallin.

we all had so much fun. here are so highlights: swimming in the lake, swinging on the swings, watching b and bishop woodruff racing down the hill in a little red wagon, eating homemade ice cream (thanks jen), hiking to the head of the ditch (a traditional hike), playing the longest game of spades ever, eating tons of yummy food, watching fireworks, lounging in a tub on the lake, boys catching tadpoles, m making best friends with jen and bishop, watching superman, playing games with the kids.

f and b in the lake

bishop woodruff in the wagon

f picking his nose

k and b chillin' before the fireworks

f and a wrestling with dad

the whole gang at the head of the ditch


homemade ice cream can be very exhausting!

we had such a great time. thanks woodruffs for going with us. i told b that we should always bring friends with us to the cabin. the kids were all entertained and occupied and us grown ups could just relax.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like your picture perfect 4th of July! How fun! The woodruffs are such nice people and it's good that y'all got to spend time together.

Miles and Bex said...

What a fun time! The cabin looks like a lot of fun. I am glad you guys had such a great 4th of July.

nettifer said...

what a fun time you guys had! It looks a lot different when there is water in the lake :) So pretty! The party yesterday was awesome!

nettifer said...

PS you got some adorable pictures for your 4th of July photo album and to add them to your american room. love it!

ishybeanie said...

it is so beautiful there. sounds like you had a great time. see you tomorrow??

Heather Jones said...

What a fun relaxing time it looks so pretty there!!! It is always so nice to get away and relax in nature !!

amanda said...

when can we come?