June 20, 2007

indoor soccer

i love it! last night we had a game and it was painful. i blocked the ball twice from hitting my face and chest. normally i don't care about my chest, mainly because the sport bras do a good job...but my face...holy cow that one hurt. and the ref called 'hands' on me. ooh i was mad. half my face went numb. and i think next week they may have me play a new position cause i failed to back up the goalie 3 times. it was lame. i did have fun...we tied 8-8... but should have won....the other team only had 2 original players and recruited from other teams including a girl from the upper league who scored 5 of their 8 goals. she shouldn't be allowed to score especially since our goalie is her goalie. trader. anyways...love indoor soccer. what a workout!


Anonymous said...

...first your ankle and now your face...when will you learn? :) Love the candy!! Gym sometime?

nettifer said...

Way to go with the blockage of the face. Way to sacrafice your body for the game.
I love the picture of M & F kissing! You are killing me. Please email that to me!