June 24, 2007

changes in the wind

well our ward has split once again. the 2 wards in foxboro are now 4. and it's really exciting to see this kind of growth. i thought of amy c. and debbie i. who are such great friends...and backyard neighbors. it's only in utah that neighbors so close would end up in different wards. sad but so true. i have mixed feelings about b being released. i am excited for our family to walk to church together...we have NEVER done that before now. and we get to sit with him! you won't see f on the stand anymore! but i will miss one thing...well 2 things. first, i will miss the spirit that b had...the spirit he brought home with him every sunday and after meetings. and second, i will miss the extra prayers sustaining us through this time. i am grateful to all who kept b in their prayers. what a blessing it has been to see my husband change during this service into a better man. i hope and pray that we will continue to be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I was REALLY touched by the opening prayer that B gave at the meeting tonight. I could realy feel the spirit and I could tell he felt a lot of mixed emotions (am I right?) Yeah, change is good and bad...pretty bittersweet. I just feel like a big chunk of my family is getting moved around and that always stinks. But it will be fun to get to know the new people in our ward. By the way, holy pressure put on Paul Thatcher! I thought that B was young for a bishop, but Paul is even younger! (I guess I mean Bishop Thatcher)

nettifer said...

I am still in shock about debbie Ingles! Thank goodness when you are friends it doesn't matter what ward you are in. We love Bishop B!

Heather Jones said...

we had family stuff and could not make the meeting we were sad. So as soon as we could we called to find out the info on the meeting. I was so sad about how they split it cause we loose so many kids ken's age but it will be fun to see what the new ward is like. I am way excited about the new Bishop.I am glad you get to have a husband at church now.