June 26, 2007

paper flowers

i guess this post could go on my craft blog but oh well. so if you walk into heartland paper and look on the wall above their registers...there's a beautiful shelf with cute paper flowers all along it. i love them and am not alone... however trying to make them was kind of difficult. they should put a crafting level on them cause they were not easy. k was so sweet and traced 3 flowers for me and i cut them out and good luck to me in putting them together. thank goodness for crafting in numbers because if i did this alone...i wouldn't have finished any flowers. i was lucky i got 2 done in 4 hours? holy cow. i love the finished product but don't think i can pop 10 or 20 out easily. the 2 i made i put in my kitchen. and i love them. i have to find some cool vases for the ones to come....and they will come quite slowly. thanks for crafting with me girls. check out my craft center for more flowers. :)


nettifer said...

Yours turned out so stinking cute! I am liking mine more, now that I keep looking at them. It was soooo fun yesterday! We will have to do it again. I need to get mine posted! I can't wait to see what the one turned out from last night

Veronica said...

These are way cute! I need a good craft right now to do since I'm stuck inside doing nothing. Maybe I'll head over to Heartland and get some goodies.

Kristi said...

Way cute, good job!! I'm way to lazy to attempt that, but if I had more ambition I would cause they are darling!