June 11, 2007

raging waters

let the summer begin. we have waited 3 weeks to go to rw and today after a morning with the carpet cleaner...we went. so happy.

the water was cold but that didn't stop the kids. they wanted to go to the wave pool first. so after finding a place to 'camp' we headed to the waves. they were so excited. i love rw. m was so brave to go out till the water was just under her chin. k and a had lots of fun body surfing and swimming through the waves. then it was off to the kiddie pool. that didn't last long and we were on our way to the lazy river.

it was extra lazy today...we were barely moving. m and f only wanted to go around once and k and a wanted to go again. so i asked k to help me get out first, m and f were in the raft with me, and she could go. i thought she had m so i hopped off and the tub tipped and m went under. i had f with one hand and couldn't grab any part of m's body so i had to grab her by the hair. i finally got her and it was only after that the TWO...count them, 2 lifeguards asked if i needed help. hello? ya' think. i got m and f out of the water and m was fine. she had this stuffy nose so she couldn't even breathe in the water if she wanted to. she was so excited that she went under without holding her nose. i was so happy that she wasn't crying and upset. oh that would have been horrible. i felt terrible as it was. i apologized for having to pull her hair and she just said, 'it's okay, mom.' i love her. that was our rw adventure and hopefully for the entire summer. i told k next time i need her to take m off the raft before she does anything and especially before getting off myself. the kids can't wait to go back tomorrow. i love summer.


ishybeanie said...

what cute pictures of the kiddies.

nettifer said...

I am so excited to go today. Sorry little M scared you so bad. Thank goodness it ended happy!
Are you drinking your water?
I am going to bring my camera today. Can you believe I didn't get one picture last year!

Kristi said...

Sounds like so much fun, I don't know how you do it, I don't even dare go to the swimming pool with 3! You're a good mom, enjoy your summer at Raging Waters!!

Anonymous said...

I debated buying a summer pass this year. I had one last year and only used it twice because Hailey was so little and that made things more hectic. It will be fun when kids are a little older and can really get into stuff like that!

Missy said...

Is that why you keep her hair long?

Miles and Bex said...

we miss raging waters! looks like you will have a fun summer, except for the move i guess. how is the move going? i hope good.