June 15, 2007


we spent most of wednesday at rw. we packed TONS of snacks and drinks and k's friend, jess, came too. we ate, swam in the wave pool, went round and round in the lazy river, and played in the fountains. rw had their fountains going on wednesday and the kids loved them. f could have spent the entire time in them. i think danielle is the new best friend of all the kids because she bought a rw pass with a tube. the kids love using it in the wave pool. poor danielle, she thought she'd have a nice relaxing time in her tube! sorry! i love rw.


ishybeanie said...

i can't believe how busy you are, on top of packing and moving. i loved going to girls camp.

Heather Jones said...

It sounds like you are very busy and still being a great mom by taking the kids to play I have to remind myself to do that stuff. It looks like they had a blast

nettifer said...

We love RW!