September 24, 2007

the weekend

b's birthday was good. i spent all day grocery shopping...since we live 30min. from takes me all day to do it. but the kids had a great time playing with dad before he left for utah yesterday. it's forgot to use my flash so it's blurry.

bought f another words shirt! i love it. he's so stinkin cute. i love buying these kinds of shirts for my boys. they remind me of 'chad' from hsm. love them.

oh my gosh! i just finished season 6 of smallville...loved it! just in time for season 7 too. it starts this thursday. i can't wait. so exciting.

b is out of town again and we miss him already. he'll be back at the end of the week and i have lots of projects planned for the house. finishing the curtain rods, painting the baseboards, making cards for utah card swap, painting the bathroom, and much much more.

today i found the cutest little scrapbook store about 15min. from my house. loved it. i told the owner that i was glad she was here because i just moved here and the closest michaels is 30min. away. i got some cute paper for my cards for october's card swap which i am really excited about. we'll see if i can keep up via mail.

now it's monday and back to school and normal everyday chores. gotta love the weekends.


ishybeanie said...

good thing you are not having any more kids I don't think you could stick another one on there. Love F's shirt.

nettifer said...

Love litte F's shirts. He always has the funniest shirts to wear.
Yeah for scrapbook stores that are close. I will totally mail your cards for you. What is the theme? I missed last month and still haven't gotten my cards because Veronica had her baby and I don't want to bug her.
Yeah for smallville

Miles and Bex said...

Love Ford's shirt! I love buying those types of shirts for Brayden. Our shopping stuff is 2 1/2 hours away and when I get to go, I go crazy. Running in and out of stores buying everything I can. I am glad there is a scrapbook store close. You are so good at scrapbooking.

Veronica said...

Smallville is the BEST!! I can't wait to see your cards. I'm really getting into this card swap thing!

Bellie said...

I love the picture with all the kids on top of B!! It is so cute, I had to look closer because I couldnt see him at first. He must have a strong back to be holding all their weights, hehe! I am glad you are going to remain in the card club I am just getting into it and its so much fun making the cards, cant wait to see yours.

Anonymous said...

I love you Staci!..."Hero Candy"...(hmmm...yummy)....what will you think of next? P.S. Do you know if he's going to be in the next season or not? (P.P.S I haven't watched the premiere yet, so don't give away any secrets)

Amy said...

Love the horsey ride picture! You will have to recreate in a few years!