October 23, 2007

bragging rights

all mothers everywhere have the right and privilege to brag about their children, pets, or husbands. so being a mother...here i go.

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking pictures of my kids...sometimes they love it and sometimes they hate it. but i just can't get enough of how cute they are. and even more cute are those moments when they aren't TRYING to be cute...when they say something funny...or do something that makes me laugh. the other day f was playing b-ball in my room. he'd throw it up...and then it'd bounce on the floor. this quickly became a game. then...he threw it up...he watched it...and it came down...and bounced off his forehead! b and i laughed and laughed. f laughed too. then he tried to do it again. what a funny little boy. these are the moments i love.

yesterday as i was putting photos in frames for my wall, a grabbed on of my empty frames and was pretending he was a picture. you have all seen these photos taken of children in magazines. i love them. their frames are slightly bigger but i couldn't resist a photo session with them while doing something fun. this is what i got.

when my kids are quietly thinking or are so interested in something is another time i love them. they can get so interested in a flower or paperclip and sit for hours entertaining themselves. i love taking photos at this time because they don't have to 'look at the camera and smile'. here's one of m i just love. her eyelashes are so beautiful.

and this is probably the most fun my kids have had while taking their pictures. i asked them to all run towards me. and this photo was all luck in getting them all separated like they are. i love it. and so did they. i hope they remember the fun things we do when mom wants to snap their picture.

i am so blessed to have 4 beautiful children who are healthy and strong. smart, loving, kind to others, and good examples to their friends. they each have their own personalities which is still a mystery to me because they all came from the same two people. they are my life and hopefully one day i'll get everything right. it probably won't happen in this life but it will happen i am convinced. they bring me joy, comfort, and peace. and with each one i am able to catch a glimpse into the eternities and get a small feel of how much love God has for me.

my children. i love all four of you!


ishybeanie said...

being a mom is the greatest thing on earth i agree, i love all the pictures expecially the one of the kids running, it is so cute

Kristi said...

Staci, you are so cute! Your pictures are awesome! I love the one of the kids running, that is so cool!

Meagan said...

You take the most beautiful pictures, Your kids are so beautiful as well!! Love the one with the frames that is so cute!!

Miles and Bex said...

I can't decide if it is how great you take pictures or how cute your kids are, your pictures turn out awesome . It is probably both. I loved all your comments on your kids. IT is amazing how much love you can feel for your kids and still be so upset at them. Being a Mom is so fun and frustrating all at the same time.

Heather Jones said...

I totally agree with bex's comment on the kids!! I just love being a mom!!! I love all your pictures they are so cute!! You have darling kids!!! I love the one of them running!!!

Missy said...

The first thing I noticed about that picture of M was those dark eyelashes. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Ellie is dying to play with M and Carson wants to play some video games with A.

nettifer said...

I love the pictures! Your kids are seariously so dang beautiful! I love the K is still wearing the hat I got her from the children's place. She is so dang cute!
You are a awesome mom!
I am with you on being amazed that all those kids came from the same mom, but yet all so different.

Veronica said...

I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world. Your post made me a little teary eyed thinking about how much I love my own three babies! Even the really hard times...I love every second of it. And you're so right in kids being so different...so far each one is so different from the others, even Lauren. And they all came from the same (in theory) 46 chromosomes, right?