October 25, 2007

field trips and pumpkin squares

tuesday was m's first field trip in kindergarten. her class was going to walk to the pumpkin patch. yes, you read correctly, walk to the pumpkin patch. that is how small our town is. anyway...they had a great time. m kept telling me, while we were walking, 'i'm not even tired!'. when we got to the pumpkin patch the kids got to put faces on little pumpkins, make ghost's with broomsticks, play pumpkin bowling, pumpkin golf, and stick their hands in monster slime, dragon brains, goblin eye balls, and lots of other nastiness. they had a blast! their little pumpkin faces were made with nuts and bolts, nails, string, markers, and stickers. very creative, i thought.

tuesday night i made pumpkin bars. i wasn't sure how the kids would receive them. a and f loved licking the beaters but when the bars were done ready to be eaten...they said 'no thanks'. party poopers. i took a large cookie sheet to cub scouts last night and they devoured them. i was so glad that somebody appreciated them. they were quite tasty. i love pumpkin. except pumpkin pie. yuk! but pumpkin muffins, cookies, cakes, rolls, bars...yummy!

saturday we are off to lattin farms for our annual family pumpkin patch picking. i am very excited. i have heard nothing but GREAT things about this farm. the only negative thing has been that it's an hour away in fallon. oh well if that's the only thing then i can handle it. corn maze, cow train, pumpkins, feeding animals...what fun we will have. i can't wait.


ishybeanie said...

have fun at the pumpkin patch, i hope it exceeds your expectations. our here sucked i hope we can find a better one next year

nettifer said...

How much fun! I can't wait to see your cute little town!

Glad you got my message yesterday. Thanks for the email and you will have to tell me how it goes with the new flash! It is so awesome and what a deal on the price.

Ok, you have to tell me where you got M's tights! My little M needs them! I love M in tights. I seriously can't buy enough of them!

Veronica said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE M's tights! So cute. Sounds like a lot of fun! Autumn activities are so great. Mmmm, now I'm in the mood for pumpkin cholcolate chip cookies.