October 06, 2007

hi, Jesus

i was dusting off the piano yesterday and put everything that was on it...on the floor. f came in and did this.

hi, jesus. he is so cute. he had m&m's all over his face and hands. he even wanted to share them with jesus. too cute. i can't keep up with this little hobbit. he's into everything all the time everytime i turn around. last night before i went to bed i went into my closet to get my pajamas on and there on the floor he had dumped out the contents of a bag that was in their. holy cow. i thought i was done cleaning up after him. gotta love him.

after dinner i asked the kids to get a book and read for awhile. this is what i found in my craft room.

how sweet is that. a reading to f and m. i love when they get along. it's so precious.


ishybeanie said...

I love when my kids do cute stuff like be nice to eachother

Miles and Bex said...

To cute! I love when my kids get along. It makes having more than one so worth it. Got to love siblings!

Kristi said...

Ford is so cute, that is hilarious!! Love it when they get along.

nettifer said...

Love that F likes JEsus :) I like how he wanted to share too!

Heather Jones said...

That is so cute about jesus !!! I also just love it when the kids get along it makes it so nice when they have fun together!!!