November 18, 2007


i love this! soo sweet!

i had such a wonderful birthday. you know i don't really mind my's comforting to know that b will always be 2 years older. the kids were so sweet to me today and even my primary class was unusually reverent. b made steak and shrimp for dinner and k made my brownies. we have boycotted the whole birthday cake in our house. everything was so yummy and i even got a nap. it was great! i also got to call a sweet friend of mine who shares the same birthday with me. my family has been the greatest gift i could ever ask for. what a blessing they are. i never could have imagine 11 years ago that i would be where i am today...wife, mother, friend...and that i could be all these things and more and still be sane. i love my family for making me who i am today and allowing my to keep dreaming. thanks to all the bday calls, cards, and emails. i love you all!


nettifer said...

Happy Birthday Staci! So precious is Ford singing. Don't you love the little singers we have!

Kristi said...

You're right that is so sweet!! Happy Birthday!!

Heather Jones said...

Happy Birthday kids make it so fun when you are older and don't care as much!!