November 16, 2007

naked turkey

this is tom our naked turkey. we are a little late in getting him his feathers but better late than never. tom is our thankful turkey and when we are thankful for something...he gets a feather. hopefully he will have all his feathers by thanksgiving.

10 things i am thankful for today...

1. my cute husband who gives me a kiss and hug before heading off to work. even if i am still sleeping he always comes over and gently gives me a kiss and says, i love you. this means so much to me. it puts me in such a good mood in the morning and i am thankful for that extra 2 min. he takes to let me know that he loves me.

2. kennidy's independence. i can always count on kennidy being ready in the morning for school. by the time i am out of bed she is dressed, eaten breakfast, and made her lunch. i am grateful that she is such an independent young lady.

3. my mom. today she called me and has single handedly taken care of all the major food preparations for a's baptism next weekend. and she lives in maryland. it's amazing what you can do with the internet! thanks, mom. i love you.

4. lazy days. i love to sleep in but what i love more is an uneventful day when i can catch up on projects that need to be finished!

5. taking random pictures with my camera and posting them on my blog for viual enhancement. i am thankful for my blog and my camera that lets me keep in touch with my friends who don't live close by.

6. school. i am thankful for my kids' teachers and all they do to help my children succeed. i have really smart kids, if i do say so, and i give lots of credit to those teachers who have pushed them to be better. thank you.

7. the united states of america. i could go on all day about how grateful i am for this country...but today i am grateful for the men and women to serve so that my family can sleep peacefully at night. my family is very patriotic...with men serving in the marines, army, and air force...i am grateful for my military heros.

8. showers in the morning. i am grateful that i can shower in hot water for as long as my kids allow me to.

9. exercise for the most part. i enjoyed exercising a lot more when i had my WOB doing it with me. and i admit that we laughed more than we 'crunched' but now i am thankful for my morning walks with f and m.

10. i am thankful for my health that allows me to do so many things. i am grateful that i CAN exercise, walk, run, type, take pics, and all the other physical things i take for granted. i am thankful for my body and that if nothing else...i am healthy.


ishybeanie said...

for our harvest activity for the ward we made thankful jars. we will put little strips of paper in them that tell what we are thankful for. Then put it away for next year. That way we can see what was important in our lives the year before. I think it will be very interesting.

Meagan said...

Love the naked turkey, I think we'll have to do that too. I added security to my blog, send me your email and I'll add you!!

guinevere said...

What a wonderful list...we're thankful for you and your family. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!

Lisa said...

A great post, Staci. Love all your things to be thankful for!