November 29, 2007

pack meeting

a was so excited to go to his first pack meeting. he wore his new uniform complete with a neckerchief, thanks paula, and indian headress. the boys made these special for our indian nation theme. let me just tell you that sewing those patches on the scout shirt is no easy task. i had to sew one on 5 different times because it kept shifting. but now it's done...or so i thought.

a and his pack presented the flag, sang and indian song, and a earned his bobcat!

i was so proud! way to go a! you're well on your way to becoming and eagle scout like your dad. we love you!


nettifer said...

How stinking cute is that! Is he old enough to be in cub scouts? :) You are a pack mom!

guinevere said...

Way to go A! Cub scouts rock. I think sewing those badges on is AWFUL. Had a similar experience with our boys. YEAH!!