November 29, 2007

signed . sealed . delivered

i mailed the last of my christmas cards yesterday and can i tell you how good that feels! holy cow. i am totally going to start in october from now on. it really pays off. i do however need one or two addresses...lisa j. and brenda d. both of you moved and i don't have current addresses. and, thanks to lynette whose card i used, i was able to get 2 last minute cards out! now i can concentrate on decorating my house...and finding the perfect gift for grandparents and siblings. gotta love the rush...can you tell i am already feeling it and it's not even december 1st! ooh look at the time...gotta make lunch for m before school starts...wait it's late start day! hurray! maybe i'll take a shower first.


ishybeanie said...

your doing great we haven't even taken our pictures yet, i wish you were here to take ours so we could have the cutest pictures ever.

nettifer said...

Ok you are amazing! I just got mine printed- now to address 100 cards! Yikes. I need to get some addresses from you. I will email you!
Love yoU!

Bellie said...

Thanks for the card it was such a nice surprise!! It turned out so cute. I love the family picture you seriously did so good :) I keep telling myself I need to get started on my cards but I am being lazy, hehe! Great job on getting yours done so early you can sit back now and relax.

PS I never got your email to add you to my blog, I wasn't sure if you wanted to be added but I would love to invite you so please email me!

Maren said...

I got your card in the mail yesterday- very nicely done! I really like your family picture. I can't believe you manage to take your family pictures by yourself. I am impressed. Thank you!