December 04, 2007

field trip

the second graders got to go all the way into reno to see beauty and the beast. it was okay. not broadway or woodscross highschool. but the kids enjoyed it. before we saw the play we went to a park to eat lunch and play. i didn't think i could bring my camera inside the theater so i left it in my car. but here are some of the kids. i took m and k out of school so they could see the play too. and b would have come if he wasn't going to vegas. it was a bit chilly but by mid afternoon it was really nice...upper 60's low 70's.


Miles and Bex said...

Sounds like so much fun. I would die for warm weather right now. It is 15 degrees. So cold!

ishybeanie said...

woodscross plays are the best. The highschools around here don't do plays, or at least don't advertise for them.

nettifer said...

Very impressive on the chanes wow! I love high school and local plays. they work for not always getting broadway stuff, plus you can take kids :)