December 03, 2007

christmas crafts

so every year my family picks names for christmas. it is a wonderful christmas tradition! as our extended family continues to grow it becomes difficult and pricey to buy something for everyone. therefore...i love our family tradition. this year we got my older sister and her family. and come to think of it this might be the first year we've ever picked her name. anywho...i decided to get crafty. check out my craft center for pics. i am pretty sure she doesn't read my blog and if she does she better stop reading NOW!

she has 3 children between the ages of 10 and 3. so i called my cute friend, jenn, and asked for her adorable pillow instructions. love them. she made the cutest, most simple, pillowcases for my kids on the 4th of july. i just love them so much i wish they could use them everyday. anyway...i bought my fabric...after going to 3 different stores and i am so happy with the result. i hope i did them justice jenn. i know you'll let me know.

then i also wanted to make some christmas magnets for my refrigerator. so i made some for her too. i love them. they are so stinkin cute. they took some time to make but once i got going and the girls offered to help we were really making progress. i think they are adorable and a must in everyhouse. so simple to make. and now they can hold all the christmas pictures we get from all our friends. can't wait to fill up my frig with your smiling faces.

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Bellie said...

You are super crafty, I love the idea about the pillowcases... so very creative. Everything you make is always adorable, if you are ever bored and feel like making something for someone I am here for you, hehe!