December 30, 2007

Home Again

i feel like the bigger our kids get the more cramped we are in one room for christmas. it was so nice to sleep in our bed...we were on an air mattress for a week and my back was killing me... and shower in our shower. i am also excited to get my pictures off my camera and onto my blog. christmas vacations are nice but oh how i love coming home. we walked into our house after and cold and snowy day and it was warm and toasty and smelled of fresh pine. in our mailbox were lots more christmas letters and pictures from friends across the country. oh how i love that tradition. i look forward to it all year long. i have lots of ideas for my 2008 christmas cards now. love it.

the little ones had a few more gifts to open under our tree. b helped get the kids unpacked and toys in their rooms this morning. a asked, ' where am i going to put all my new toys?' 'in your closet with the rest of them', b replied. 'there's no room', a said. we laughed and year we should give all their toys away so they have room for their new ones.

as we came home from church it was so nice outside we couldn't believe it was december 30th. there was NO snow on the ground last night and the forecast was calling for 4 inches in this area. i think it all stayed in the mountains or will come tomorrow. the warm before the storm kind of thing. it was so nice. i love it.

HOLIDAY happenings...
tubbing and snowboarding

christmas cookies...i was sad because this was the first year grandma creswell didn't help the kids. that's tradition!

watched lots of movies...pirates 3, die hard 3, transformers, HSM2 over and over and it, stardust, alvin and the chipmunks, enchanted

girls night out with blogger friends...already posted.

living out of a suitcase and going to's gym now. yuk!
playing racquette ball with leah! thanks for the passes melissa! so fun!

AND spending christmas eve with emily at Del Sol! she had to man the phones...that never rang. we got to pig out on all the snack foods in the break room, play ping pong, pool, and miniture golf, watch tv, and rest in the hammock. there were so many snacks! they had tons of snack foods, drinks, and frozen dinner/lunches. we were in food heaven.

all in all we had a good christmas. thanks to all of you who sent us cards and pics. we love you all and hope you have a wonderful new year.


Anonymous said...

Hey. It was so fun to see you while you were out here. And may I just say that I think "spy candy" is the best candy yet. (Sorry CLark!) :)

guinevere said...

Happy New Year to one of our favortie families!! Thanks for keeping us posted! You guys ROCK!

tasha said...

I love checking out your blog...I never have enough time to make my cute! But I don't think I could even if I did have time! Happy New Year!