December 01, 2007

shopping with the marriott women

i love shopping. and i love meeting the women b works with and the wives of the men he works with. we have really been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people through marriott. i was invited to go shopping the jean...the gm's wife, patricia, and christina (who both work at the marriott). it was so fun. we started off with lunch at my favorite restaurant...the olive garden.
i had 4 bowl of their yummy salad and a bowl of minestrone soup. i knew i would eat a lot of salad so i got something less filling to go with it. oh it was so good. the salad, breadsticks, fried mozerella sticks, fried ravioli...everything was soooooo yummy. then it was off to ONE of the malls in reno.
i got one of b's christmas presents fromt he kids...can't write it here because sometimes he reads my blog...sorry, hon! and a sweater for me at aeropostle. it was so fun to hand out with the girls and just shop. we went into a dozen stores and browsed, mostly, but talked and talked. it was great to get to know them a little better. by the end of our was 5pm...we decided that we needed to take a girls weekend to vegas. they want to go in january. they asked what i thought and i said, 'as long as b can be home with the kids i'm all for a girls trip.' i had a really good time. thanks jean for inviting me. it was so good to get to know you all! and thank honey for watching the kids and putting up the christmas lights. you're the BEST!


Miles and Bex said...

Got to love Girls day out! Sounds like you guys had a fun time. I am curious what you got Brandon.

nettifer said...

Yeah for girls day! You deserve it, especially because you live so far away from shopping!
Love you!

Heather Jones said...

Love girls shopping days except it only means spending way too much!! We got your cute christmas card you guys look darling!You are so on top of things!!!

Bellie said...

I love Italian food and shopping, it sure sounds like the best day ever, hehe! I hope you can go to Vegas in January that would be a great trip, you can do some great shopping there also.

PS Love the baptism pictures I am really glad it turned out great and I am sure it was a really neat experience :)

Anonymous said...

Staci- you ROCK!
It was fun to see you last weekend and I love checking out your blog! Mine needs alot of attention...I'm still learning! When is our girls weekend coming??? Love your Christmas Card!

tasha said...

Oh, I way need to work on this comment thing. This is Tasha!