January 06, 2008


Friday there was a blizzard warning in tahoe so B decided to stay home! Hurray! I was surprized at how much we accomplished in one day with dad home. We got the laundry cleaned, chores done, 3 meals made, and even played 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader' DVD edition. It was so fun. We divided into girls and boys teams and niether one of us won the million dollars but the girls made it to the bonus round. Which was the million $ question. We got it wrong. I can't even remember the question but they don't give you the answer if you're wrong. It was so fun.

After all the family fun and house was clean...and lunch was over...B and I decided to make it an 'Alias' night. Holy Cow! Instead of an Alias night it became an Alias weekend. We finally finished after staying up till 1:30 am. And I am satisfied. If you are planning on watching the Alias season DO NOT READ ANY MORE OF THIS PARAGRAPH! STOP HERE! If you have already watched it or have no interest to watch it then KEEP READING. I was so happy to see that all the bad people REALLY died in the end. Except for Sloan, who never dies...fitting somehow, but is buried for eternity in a cave never to escape. Love it. Loved learning that Vaughn was still alive and safe...mostly. So glad that he really didn't die because that would suck. He and Syd have a gorgeous family and are safe on a deserted island. The writing team for this show was incredible. They made me so angry with their continuations and I would have died if I had to wait a whole week before watching to see what happened next. They did an amazing job. What a great series. Hhighly recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it.
Now that we are done with this season we need another one. Any suggestions?


Heather Jones said...

I am a little behind on the blogs but, it looks like you guys had a great holiday here and at home!! I was so sad I had to work and did not make it to the cheesecake factory it sounds like you guys had a blast!!! Love all the beads my girls got some last year and we made stuff for hours they loved it!!! What a fun new years tradition!!

nettifer said...

I love days when you get to stay home and it is not a saturday or sunday. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just love it!!(and by extension "him".--oh, you know who I'm talking about) :)


Miles and Bex said...

Miles and I were addicted to Alias. We loved it so much. We planned everything around it. THe ending is awesome. I am still waiting for them to decide to bring the show back and have someone discover you know who. Loved it!

Lisa said...

Hey Staci, we LOVED Alias too! He is just so adorable. Chris and I spent so many fun nights eating popcorn in bed watching Alias projected on our wall. Fun memories. Glad you loved it too!