January 26, 2008

Church Ball

It's that time of year again and for the last month, every Friday, B has games. Tonight was happy and sad. His team had a double-header. I really hate these. They totally creamed the first team but because they were so tired from the first game they lost by half the second game. Which was really sad because I think if they had all their energy they could have kept a pretty close game. The two teams were a good match. It was sad but there's always next week! B's team has only lost one game so it will be interesting to see who they play next week.

I love Church ball...and sadly enought they don't have it for women here. I was a little upset. And our enrichment committee has finally agreed to do indoor soccer for enrichment night for those who'd like to but now there are construction workers working on the gym. Oh I can't win. At least I still have the gym for my workouts. And happy to report that I have gone every day this week. Hurray for me. Still lots to lose.


Miles and Bex said...

We love Church ball. We don't have it here either. Hopefully one day there will be enough women to play here. We do have volleyball!

Geneva said...

Remember back in the day playing bball in Maryland? I so miss it! I don't think I've played much since. Our stake does Vball and that is about it. We were undefeated though back in October of last year. Way to go working out! Its my New Year's resolution to exercise 4 times a week. I love it when I do, but it doesn't always happen. Keep it up!

Lisa said...

I'm not much for playing bball but I sure love to watch Chris play. He is sure missing Church ball here. I haven't heard anything about it... plus he's still on crutches. No ward ball this year.