January 13, 2008

Food . Friends . And a game of cards .

There are many ways we like to spend our weekend nights but one of the best we know is inviting friends over for dinner and playing games. Last night B had some coworkers and their families come over for dinner. But before they came over we had to paint one more room in our house to complete the great room space. Our piano room was still bare walled but looks great now. (We'll tackle the hall and kids rooms next)
It was so fun to have friends over. We had a BBQ in January and the food was so tasty. Thanks, B. Then we played 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader'. The girls lost with $25,000 and the men winning their million $'s. And boy did they rub it in. After brownies and ice cream we played...The Biggest Loser...I think that's what it's called. It a card game and really fun with a lot of people. We laughed so hard and I discovered, with the help of our friends, that K has the same kackle as B. I had never really noticed until someone said, 'They have the same laugh!' They all thought it was hilarious when the two of them would start laughing at the same time in the same manner. What a hoot.
I don't have any pics but next time I will remember to pull out my camera. We love having friends over.


Veronica said...

Dinner and games is always sooooo fun!!

nettifer said...

I love game nights! I could play card games for hours! What a fun night!

ishybeanie said...

i'm glad you have made some friends in your new place. moving away from family just reminds you how great friends are.

Bellie said...

What a fun night! It sounds like everyone had a great time. You need to take some pictures of your home projects renovations I love to see all of your creative work.