January 15, 2008

Funny Things They Say

F was just playing around in our room last night before bed and out of no where he says, 'Mommy, you're FIRED!'

B and I looked at each other and he asked, 'Did he just say 'You're Fired'?'
'Yes, he did.' I replied. So I guess I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Hurray!
Sadly it doesn't work like that. And that's okay. I love my kids.


ishybeanie said...

thats kind of like when your kids send you to your room, I hate that:)

ishybeanie said...

too bad we don't live closer for a craft swap, although I guess we could still do it.

nettifer said...

I love our kids! I love what they say too!
You didn't mail your cards this month- are you still going to do it? Kim you could always mail them and I will mail them back :)

Bellie said...

It sounds like he has been watching The Apprentice lately, so funny!

Maren said...

So cute! That's a great one for your little 'cute sayings' books that you made.

tasha said...

Thats so funny! I love your house, you have done a ton of work! Are your doors black in your kitchen?