February 03, 2008

Good-bye For Now...

Our beloved prophet President Hinckley died last Sunday night in his home surrounded by his family. I remember a couple of years ago when his wife passed away...the media said, 'Sister Hinckley died at home surrouded by her family.' I remember thinking how peaceful that would by to be surrounded by your family and to tell them one last time, on this earth, how much you loved them.

President Hinckley was a wonderful example. He loved the Lord and has a strong testimony of the restoration of the gospel. There are two things that I will always remember about him. First...his 'thing' was temples. He put more temples on the earth than any other prophet before him. What an amazing accomplishment. The second was during one session of conference. I don't remember the year or whether it was April or October...I remember he simply bore his testimony and it was at that time that I realized that he was just a man. i have always thought of prophets as perfect men who lived righteously all the time. President Hinckley mentioned that he was faced with temptation just as all of us and I had never thought of that before. I am grateful for his loving example and tender words of encouragement. 'Don't just do your best', he would say. 'But do your very best.' He will be greatly missed. We are grateful that he is reunited with he dear wife and what a sweet reunion that had to have been.

B's grandmother passed away this week as well. He is in Idaho with K and A attending her funeral services. She, too, was a great lady. It was hard for me to see her in the nursing home. I hate hospitals to begin with and so to see her in a place I dislike was very hard. Before her strokes, about 4 years ago, she was so alive and going. That's the only way I know to discribe her...she was always going. She loved playing games with the kids at the cabin and that's one of our very fond memories of her. My mother in law would sometimes take the kids to visit her and they would play more games and watch 'I Love Lucy'. That was one of her favorite shows.

Genevieve's husband died when my father in law was 11. So her reunion will be a sweet and tender one as well. I was blessed to know her and grateful that my kids could spend what little time they had with her.

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