February 01, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday

Today my oldest turns 10! Where has the time gone. I can remember 10 years ago....

I was leaking something all morning. Finally after talking to my mom, I asked B to take me to the hospital just so they could take a look. We got there and an older nurse checked me and said, 'Yep, your water broke. We'll call Dr. Baxter.' Not 2 minutes later I was checked by a younger nurse who said, 'Your water hasn't broke. And you're only dialated to and inch so you can probably go home.' She leaves and returns in about 30 seconds and says that the older nurse had already called my doctor and he wanted them to start me on petosin. ( not sure how to spell that) anyway...i was kind of bummed but happy because that would mean she would come today and not on Ground Hogs Day! We waited all day and the petosin was awful. I was in so much pain because they wouldn't give me an epidural until I was at least a 4.

Why women don't get epidurals is a mystery beyond my comprehension. There is no reason to be in pain. It doesn't make you less of a woman. Crazy.

Anyway...When they finally gave it to me I was so relaxed. B left a couple of times because he was so bored...I don't blame him. I slept and he went shopping. He bought a camera and returned with a Whopper! I was a little miffed because I could smell it but couldn't eat it.

The last time he left and it was time for K to come...the nurse asked, 'Does your husband have to be here for the baby because she's coming right now!' I immediately paged him and as his pager buzzed he came waltzing in the room. 'It's time' the nurse said.

After K was here B was so pale and the nurses were very worried about his health. They got him a chair and some juice. 'Can I get some of that?' I asked. They cleaned K up and placed her on my tummy. She was the most beautiful baby in the whole world. I remember B holding her and he started singing to her. He was so set on a boy but when that little girl slept in his big arms he was smitten. She is still his favorite whether he likes to admit it or not. There's always something special between a daughter and her father. We couldn't get enough of her. She is such a joy to have. We love you, K. Happy 10th Birthday.

The kids had a special day at school today. Along with K's birthday, A and K also received academic awards. A got academic excellence (all a's)

...and K got academic achievement for Honor Roll (she got all a's and ONE b) . We are so proud of them. They have done such a great job this year with their school work.


Staci said...

ATTENTION BECKY! i still have not been able to get on your blog. i need the last part of your email and i will send you mine. just to make sure you have the right one.

Miles and Bex said...

I do not know what is going on! I must have your email address wrong. So my email is dwellers@att.net Make sure to send me the email that you use to log into blogger. Hopefully we can figure this out. Happy birthday K and congrats to your kids on their awards. Good kidd = Good Mom. So way to go!

Veronica said...

Happy birthday K! Isn't it amazing how you can recall such tiny details from each baby's birth? My mom had 7 and stills knows every detail of every one. Being a mom is so dang cool!

ishybeanie said...

Happy birthday, and congrats on your grades, thats hard expecally when you move to a new school.

nettifer said...

Happy birthday K! Love you!
Way to go on all the awards!

guinevere said...

Way to go C kiddos! Maybe someday you might discover something really amazing like the cure for cancer or diabetes...keep up the good work!