February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

How many times can I use the word LOVE today?
I love Valentine's Day. I wish I had tons red and pink decorations for my house...but sadly I don't. But I love reds and pinks. I love conversation hearts...not eating them just looking at them because they are so fun. I love making heart crafts with school kids and decorating cookies. I love Valentine's Bingo and Heart Towers built with chopsticks. I love sending Valentine's, which doesn't happen because I am a mom and 'mom's don't do that. Only kids'. One day. I love finding little Valentine's treats for my kids and husband. And I love Valentine's Parties.

My kids found these on the piano this morning from my hubby. I love them. Thank you for thinking of me! And what I loved more was the card. B hardly ever gets cards because they say too much of the wrong thing. This card was perfect. It said just what he wanted to say. I love you so much for your thoughtfulness. You are the best father, husband, and friend a woman could ask for. I love you. Oh and I love my new Uggs too. They are a perfect fit and so comfy. Thank you. I love flowers. I could sit and take pictures of them all day long. They are so pretty.

I am the self appointed 'Party Coordinator'. In Kindergarten we played a game and decorated mini cupcakes! I asked Mrs. Green if I could bring in some fun games and she was delighted. DELIGHTED! I don't think I have ever seen a teacher so excited for a real party with crafts and games. Okay there was one other but only because we had great mom's that came up with the coolest games and crafts for the kids. She was excited and I was excited. So from now on this Kindergarten class will have fun parties.

I love Kim's comment on my last post... 'they do not do games here either, at least not very often today at tanners party they had to sit quietly and eat there dounuts and chips, they always have chips even with there pizza,I know, and they wonder why there kids are fat.' I laughed so hard! But it's true. I love schools that do fun parties. And those of you who are in those fun party schools don't take it for granted. School should be fun and that included parties.


heather said...

Wow! As a florist, I'm forced to critique every arrangement I see. I can't help it, it happens before I know it! he he he Nice roses! Those are extra high quality for Heart Day demand. They're purty! The ones I made this year left a little to be desired, a bit wimpy.
So I didn't know it was your b-day so my card will obviously be late. You better tell me when it is so I can be on time next year! Happy b-day and happy heart day.
Heather Strong

ishybeanie said...

I'm glad you have changed the kindergarten class. They will have so much more fun from now on. Way to go.

heather said...

Is it your b-day? Or was that just your theme for your card swap? Forgive me if I got messed up, I was tired. Heather S.

Veronica said...

How fun! And how sad that many schools don't do fun parties. You are a great mom!

Missy said...

The kids loved the valentines. They will be doing some mailing this week, when we all start to feel better.

Kristi said...

Beautiful flowers, adn fun parties! I love going to help in Brayden's class!

Bellblogging said...

I'll bet you will always be the rockin' mom! You will have the best parties ever! Happy Valentine's day love the flowers!