February 18, 2008

Hiding and Two-Wheels

Sunday the kids were playing with B. Or I should say...ON him. I swear, sometimes I think he's a jungle gym. The game turned into Hide and Seek. He would hide in a room and lock the door and the kids would get a butter knife or some other object to unlock the door. He couldn't find any good hiding places so he picked a room and just sat against the door. This is what I saw when I came down the hall.
All four of them saying, 'Push! Push with all your might!' Goofy kids.

This weekend it was so nice outside. B took K for a bike ride and when he came back he took M's training wheels off her bike. It was exciting to teach her to ride. We'd push her up and down the street. And she did really well. She took a pretty good fall and then she was done for the day.

Since the kids had no school today, M asked if I would help her practice on her bike. So I took her outside and she was really frustrated and whiney. So I told her that learning how to ride a bike is hard work and that she needed to stop whining. She went to her room and when she was ready she came and got me and we tackled it again. And she did it!
I was so excited for her. She rode up and down the street like a pro. When learning to ride a bike, try and live on a culdesac. She learned to turn all by herself and now can ride up and down the street without me running beside her. That's a good workout! She's so excited to show B when he gets home from work. She even told me that she could call daddy and tell him to come home early so she could show him. And as I was taking her pictures she said, 'I can't look at you mom, I have to concentrate.' Love it. Way to go, M! I am so proud of you.
A and F were having fun outside while I was helping M. They were playing frisbee. A on rollerblades and F on his bike. It was fun to watch F run after the frisbee as it rolled down the street. He is just too cute. They both are. They kept saying, 'Take a picture of me, mom!' Love it.


Kristi said...

Way to go M! I loved teaching Bray how to ride his last year, so fun! Your kids are so cute!

Miles and Bex said...

Way to go M! Taegan wants to learn how to ride on two wheels. This summer we will teach her! Ford is getting so big. He isn't a little baby anymore.

Veronica said...

Yeah M!! How exciting! I remember well the first time I rode my bike with no training wheels. I still have a scar on my elbow always reminding me!

nettifer said...

way to go M! That is awesome!
WE bought M a bike, but doesn't get it. I am taking it back to get her a big wheel!

Got the vday cards! Love them miss you tons!

ishybeanie said...

good job M, that takes a lot of guts to learn to ride a two wheeler. Im glad it is warming up for you, at least for now.

Bellblogging said...

Ya for good weather! I love that you had your camera ready to get your kids pushing on the door! Good job M!!!!

Missy said...

Yeah Kenley! Ellie still talks about her all the time. We need to get them together again when you are around again. We also need to get the kids Pictures taken for Easter Time