March 20, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

What a busy week.

St. Patty's Day and all the trimmings . Monday

Work on Twistable Rolls 12:30am, Landscape bid 2pm, Baseball practice from 5 to 6:30pm, come home have dinner 6:45pm, bathe kids 7pm, VT come at 7:30 . Tuesday

Run errands in Carson City 9am, A's class put on Ocean play 10:15am, work on Twistable Rolls 12:30am, M's friend to play after school 3pm, Cub Scouts 7pm . Wednesday

Late start 9:30am, gym 9:40am, A's class put on Ocean play 12:15am,Volunteer in M's class 2pm, Piano
Lessons 5:15pm, Card Swap 7pm . Thursday

And Easter is Sunday! I have one more roll to make and I'll call it good. I need some 'play' time. Is it Friday, yet?


Miles and Bex said...

I am glad someone else feels like this week has been hectic. I don't know if I like having two holidays in one week. It is fun but a lot of work.

Bellie said...

Wow what a busy week, luckily Friday is finally here. Get some good rest this week :)

Jylaire said...

And I thought I was busy with 2 kids, and neither is in school! You are one crazy lady! Have a great Easter weekend!

Bellblogging said...

I hear ya! Life is crazy, but sounds like your having fun???!!!

Kristi said...

I'm tired from just reading about your week, get some rest!!!